Top 7 Tips to Stop Bad Smell from Your Shoes

Most of us have experienced the bad smell of our shoes after a long, tiring day. The basic reason of the smell is sweating or old shoes or bacterial infection. Sometimes, poor air circulation system also causes this smell. If you are a victim to this disturbance, we have come today with outstanding 7 tips for getting rid of this disturbance.


Tip #1: Shoe Selection

When you are in the showroom, you need to decide either you are going to buy the best shoes for standing or just for formal uses. The fitting should be right. Otherwise, tight fitting will cause more sweat, and sweat will cause more smell.

The breathability of the shoe fabrics should be decent. I would like to suggest you for avoiding synthetic fabrics. These do not have that sort of high-end air circulating option.

Tip #2: Use Shoes Cyclically

None should use a particular pair of shoe again and again. This makes the shoes dirty and causes an odor. You can keep two or three pairs at home. Use them cyclically. The break will give much comfort to your foot as well as the nose. Along with alternating system, you should keep the shoes in a ventilated zone. The air and sunlight will dry the shoes and you can wear them in the following days.

Tip #3: Personal Care

Bacterial attack is another important element for the odor from shoes. This can be avoided by taking personal care. You should take bath with an antimicrobial soap everyday after coming back from the outdoor works. While taking bath, wash the feet carefully. It will reduce any infection and the chance of bad smelling will be removed significantly.

Another way is to use your deodorant on the feet. It stops over sweating. As a result, the feet will be freed from odor.

Tip #4: Apply Powder for Babies

Don’t let the feet to be damped. If the odor starts to come out, apply a thick layer of baby powder all over the feet skin. Then add an extra layer in the interior of the shoes. You will see instant result after that.

Tip #5: Use Some Cooking Materials!

As a deodorizer, baking soda is one of the most renowned element available at almost every kitchen. Simply, use it by sprinkling after coming back from the office on your shoes. Remove extra powder and enjoy the dry feeling in the next day.

Tip #6: Freeze Your Footwear

Put the shoes, socks and laces in a poly bag. Then, freeze them in the refrigerator or the freezer for all night long. The fungus will be dead in the meantime. Get a pair of fungus-free foot apparel for the next day.

Tip #7: Consider the Insole of the shoes

You can use some advanced smell-controlling chips in the shoes. Cedar is a good insole option for killing fungus.

Wash the shoes weekly or monthly, but regularly. This will give you a newly bought shoe feeling everyday and the odor will no more exist.

The Top 5 Destructive Problems of Apparel and Their Suitable Solution


The most intimate and the inseparable part of our day to day life is dress/apparel or clothing. It is needed in every sphere of our life. Depending on the situation, we wear different type of clothes. As it helps us that much in securing our skin and body, it is our duty to preserve the clothes perfectly. But the truth is pretty much different. Our silly mistakes are destroying the apparel eventually. To prevent them from ruining, we have found five problems and their solutions. Today, we are going to discuss the problems and know how to solve them in the cheapest ways.

No.1: Overwashing

It happens when you are not fully aware of the uses of a washing machine. You need to setup the option for washing in a gentle cycle. There is not requirement of powerful spinning. Basically, it damages the fabrics permanently.

If you want to remove stains or spot from a garment, do not put it in the machine. Take expert advices and wash the place using detergent and towel paper.

For soft and feathery apparel, use your hand. It is also helpful in saving soap and water. In any type of wash, do not overuse the detergent. Otherwise, the chemical can hamper the normal color and softness of the clothing.

No. 2: Dryer

The heat from a dryer often destroys the actual quality of fabric. It also ruins the elasticity and damages the metal portions of any apparel. You should not use it for the wool apparels. Otherwise, your favorite jumper will be shrunk.

The solution is quite simple and you will have to spend no money for it. Dry the washed clothes in natural air. It preserves the normality, softness and elasticity. Though the air is dirty sometimes, the fabrics will be saved from ruining.

No. 3: The Iron

You can remove wrinkles and get a crisp dress by using iron. But you may have to pay a higher price if the iron is overheated. The unclean metal part under the iron body can create stain on the shirt. Malfunction in the heating system can damage the beautiful quality of fabrics. What is the solution then?

You must use iron only when you notice the apparel is damp. When you cannot clean the dirt of the cloth, do not throw it on ironing board. The better option to remove wrinkles is the best garment steamer –

No. 4: Immediate Actions

In clothing, there are a lot of little parts like buttons, zipper, lining, holes, etc. Any of these items can be damaged all of a sudden. You should not throw the clothes in the wardrobe after losing a button or tearing the zipper. Immediate fixation can save your dresses for a long time.

No. 5: Stain Removal

This is the most disturbing thing of clothing. There are several ways and you can apply any one of them. But do not leave the clothing forever in the storeroom. Take quick action in removing the stain.

To save the fabric quality and clothing, these tips are amazingly useful. Read more about steamer and clothes. Best of Luck!